Sabtu, 12 Agustus 2017

Food and Exercise

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Before I say anything:
You know what, I already write about this 2 days ago and then it is disappear.
So I need to re-write again now (-_-).

Happy weekend everyone.
Today I want to talk about food and exercise.

I think everyone know if it's been a while since I exercise routinely.
Last time I exercised daily was at 2015.
Last year I'm not exercise at all due too many stress and many life challenging event.

I start exercise routinely again this week.
Simply because I was very surprised on how weak I am.
I was bored at home and decided to do pilates moves that I used to do.
Then I find my self shaking a lot and struggle to do it.
I'm very surprised (almost shock) on how weak I am.
So I decided to exercise daily again.

I still very weak now.
So for my exercise I choose walking and simple pilates.
I walk once every 2 days for an hour and do pilates on the day where I'm not going out for walking.
After I feel stronger, I will do another exercises.

I'm still skinny now, my current weight is 47 kg.
From my BMI meter, my ideal weight should be at least 50 kg.
So I do not need to lose weight at all.
I do exercise only to be healthy.

People often asking how can I become very skinny.
Especially people around me, they always curious how could I still be very skinny.
I never do diet, I eat normally and I love to eat snack too.

My only answer is the portion.
I eat normally 3 times a day in small portion.
Even if I feel very hungry and starving, I wont eat more than 1 plate.
I will have yogurt to fill in my stomach if I still hungry.
If I still hungry after yogurt, I will drink milk.

If you are on diet my recommendation is to still eat 3 times a day but on smaller portions, at least half of your normal portion.
If you still hungry then eat fruits.
And eat a lot of vegetables.
I personally love salad, I don't mind if I have to eat salad for lunch daily :).
In my house, only me and my mom who likes salad.
My brother and my dad didn't really enjoy raw vegetables.

Anyway for now, I will stick into walking and pilates.
After a month then I will change my routine.
I will start to do strength training and weight training again.
I do cardio too but only for complimentary.
I'm not trying to lose any weight so cardio is not a major exercise for me.
Oh, if you are on lose weight journey then do cardio more.
Cardio help to burn your fat.
A simple cardio is running, skipping, jumping jacks, burpees, bicycling, exc.
My fave cardio is bicycling and skipping.

Actually bicycling outside is way more better than static bicycle.
When I was young I enjoyed bicycling outside a lot.
But now, I don't even have bicycle...haha.
So I only do static bicycling at home.
Time will passed so fast if you bicycling while watching your favorite show.
I usually watch Korean variety show to make time passed faster :p.

There's so many at home exercise that you can do if you don't like to go to gym.
The only things that you need is commitment and determined mind.

I have friend that join a gym membership and paid a lot of money for it.
In the end, she never come to workout.
So without any commitments and determination, having a gym membership is nothing.

It is hard, I know.
Even I feel it is hard to keep doing it.
But I don't like this weak feeling, I hate it.
That's why I keep doing it every single day :).

I believe what I've done today will change me into a better me later.
And even if it is hard for me now, I know I will thank my self for this in the future.